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The Firm.

A-Venture Capital is a consulting firm dedicated to creating long-term value for its corporate clients and investors. The firm's vision is to act as a strategic partner, providing capital, advisory services, contacts and strategic direction to maximize the success of each company.

By becoming a strategic partner, A-Venture Capital enables the management teams of each company to focus on building their businesses, perpetuate growth and enhance shareholder value. During all phases of a company's growth, A-Venture Capital is able to provide multiple levels of assistance. A-Venture Capital offerings range from extensive advisory services, to the infusion of several stages of equity capital.

A-Venture Capital is an asset management firm, providing Global Alternative Investment & Private Wealth Management. The firm manages the business of several private equity companies.


A-venture invests in companies generating revenues with the potential to rapidly scale into market leadership. This implies potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a sustainable advantage.

Specifically, we look for:

  • A market opportunity sufficiently large to create a business with at least $5 to $100 million in annual revenues in a few years.
  • A compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share.
  • Proprietary technology or other strong barriers to entry.
  • Strong management (not necessarily a complete team) with successful experience.
  • An exit strategy for the investors.
  • A desire for advice and coaching.
Lastly, the company valuation must fit within our risk/reward expectations for the investment.

Our Philosophy

* Committed to long term client relationships
* To be technically excellent in financial planning and startegies
* To be constantly innovative
* To remain independent of all financial institutions
* Communicate full time and sharing our international network
* To deliver financial independence and power to our clients.

Management Team

A-venture has assembled an experienced and diverse team of investment professionals. Our investment team has a combination of operating, consulting and finance experience. Before investing in a company we typically assign a team familiar with the company's technology, service and market. This same team remains involved with the company and is available post investment. By utilizing a team approach, we guarantee that every portfolio company receives personalized attention. A-venture takes pride in being a value-added investor by bringing more than money to the table.

A-Venture Capital

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